How Selling Your IT Hardware Works

List Your Gadgets for Sale
From brand new iPads to broken BlackBerries, click 'Get Started' above and tell us what you want to sell. No fees and no obligation.
Glyde Finds the Best Offer
Glyde presents your items to a marketplace of bidders and returns the highest bid available. If you like your bid, you accept the sale.
Ship and Get Paid
We'll coordinate shipping, hold the buyer's payment in escrow, and securely transfer that payment to you after delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell on the Glyde Business IT marketplace?

Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops can be sold in bulk on Glyde's IT marketplace. Devices can be new, used, or broken.

Why should I use Glyde?

Buying new technology isn't cheap. We aim to make it incredibly easy for you to get the most cash to re-invest back into your business. Think of us as your arms and legs for finding the best price for your used capital. Our engine does all the hard work of collecting offers and picking the best one, so you don't have to. There are no obligations. If you don't like the offer we find, you're free to decline the sale. If you decide to take the sale, we keep it easy by taking care of shipping and securely processing all money transfers.

How easy is it?

Glyde's marketplace engine does all the work, automatically driving your listings to individuals and business looking to buy in bulk. One of Glyde's dedicated Marketplace Specialists serves as your point person for the sale and shipment.

How long does the selling process take?

Glyde will post your collection of items on our marketplace and get you the highest offer within 72 hours. You're under no obligation to sell until you choose to accept an offer that you like.

How do I get paid?

We securely hold the buyer's payment in escrow during the transaction. Once the delivery is made, we release the money to you. Transfer it to your bank account or receive a paper check in one click.

Does Glyde take care of shipping?

We'll schedule a courier pickup for your items, track the shipment to the buyer, and keep you updated every step of the way.

Is my shipment insured?

All shipments are fully insured.

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