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Sell Your iPad

iPad Pro
Get up to $895
iPad mini 4
Get up to $605
iPad Air 2
Get up to $168
iPad mini 3
Get up to $152
iPad mini 2
Get up to $123
iPad Air
Get up to $133
iPad 4
Get up to $121
iPad mini
Get up to $89
iPad 3
Get up to $87
iPad 2
Get up to $71
iPad 1
Get up to $36

How Selling Your iPad on Glyde Works

List your iPad
Find out how much your used iPad is worth and list it for sale in seconds.
Ship your iPad
When your iPad sells, we'll email you and send you a Glyde shipping kit, complete with a pre-paid label.
Get paid
After your buyer receives the iPad, your cash is deposited into your Glyde account.

The Best Time to Sell Your iPad

Apple is getting into a habit of releasing new iPad models every October. The value of your current iPad, like most electronics, will steadily depreciate as it ages. But the sharpest dip in value will take place during that October timeframe, making late September the best time to get the most cash for your iPad. Go without your iPad for a little while and get cash to upgrade to the newest model in October.