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A New Model Of Mobile
Device Ownership

Keeping up with mobile technology is expensive. Over a lifetime, consumers can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest devices. On top of that, long-term wireless service contracts, not you, dictate when you can upgrade. At Glyde, we believe there's a better way. That's why we're introducing a new model of mobile device ownership that gets you premium devices and more frequent upgrades for less.

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Glyde Used Phone WebsiteGlyde Used Phone Website
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Premium Pre-Owned

All our Premium Pre-Owned devices receive the highest condition ratings after 30+ functional and cosmetic inspections. We're so confident you'll be satisfied with your device, that we offer a 14-day money back guarantee and a standard 2-month warrantee that covers device malfunctions. For additional peace of mind, add TessaB Protect to your purchase to extend your warrantee and add accidental damage protection for over 50% less than other protection plan providers. Prefer buying new? We also carry a selection of the latest devices from Apple and Samsung at competitive prices.

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TessaB EcosystemTessaB Ecosystem

TessaB: Powering The Next
Generation Of Mobile Device

Glyde is the first partner of the TessaB Ecosystem, an innovative technology platform that will make the buying and selling of mobile devices more transparent and secure. Here are some of the innovations that are coming:

TessaB EcosystemTessaB Ecosystem
TessaB BlockchainTessaB Blockchain

Mobile Diagnostics

Launching soon, the TessaB Connect mobile app will allow consumers to test the health of their device and receive a guaranteed value before a trade-in or sale to Glyde. These results are securely stored on an advanced database, called a blockchain registry, and verified once Glyde receives the device. If the device the consumer tested on the app is the device Glyde receives, there are no surprises.

TessaB Smart ContractTessaB Smart Contract

Smart Contracts

Digital smart contracts will govern a more transparent trade-in and selling experience. They are created and live on TessaB’s blockchain registry, including device diagnostics results and valuation for specific transactions. When the agreed upon conditions of the smart contract are met, it is executed, and the customer is automatically paid.

TessaB Digital AssetTessaB Digital Asset

Digital Assets

Next year, Glyde customers will be able to earn TSB Digital Assets, which can be used towards future purchases. These digital assets are rewards for adding value to the ecosystem by executing smart contracts and running device diagnostics – helping TessaB build transparent and comprehensive device histories on the blockchain registry.

Used Phone Buyback Guarantee ProgramUsed Phone Buyback Guarantee Program

The Buyback Guarantee:
A Faster Way To Upgrade

How confident are we in our Premium Pre-Owned devices? So confident we’ll buy them back anytime for a guaranteed amount within one year of purchase. Just log into your Glyde account, where you can take our buyback quiz. Once you confirm your phone is fully functional and has no major cosmetic damage, you can redeem your guaranteed value in cash or credit towards your next phone.

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Used Phone Buyback Guarantee ProgramUsed Phone Buyback Guarantee Program

Spend Less. Upgrade Faster. No Contracts Ever.

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